2"-8" DN125 Concrete Pump Cleaning Ball Sponge Cleaning Ball

起源の場所 中国
ブランド名 SDBL
証明 ISO
モデル番号 DN125
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価格 negotiable
パッケージの詳細 カートンボックス
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モデルNO DN125 サイズ 2" - 8つ
材料 Spongおよびゴム製 タイプ 柔らかい/媒体/懸命に
オレンジ/赤い/青 適用する クリーニングの具体的なポンプ管のコンクリート

DN125 Concrete Pump Cleaning Ball


8in Concrete Pump Cleaning Ball


2in concrete pump cleaning sponge ball


Concrete Pump Pipe Cleaning Ball/Delivery Pipe Cleaning Ball/Sponge Cleaning Ball

1.Product description

About the concrete pump cleaning parts,we have Concrete Pump Cleaning Ball, also have Concrete Pump Cleaning Bullet. Same with cleaning ball , we have soft cleaning cylinder, middle soft concrete pump cleaning bullet,and hard concrete pump cleaning bullet, yes, we have square type cleaning parts.Also have many different sizes, 2"/2.5"/3"/4"/5"/6" and so on.


Product name Concrete Pump Pipe Cleaning Ball  
Material Natural rubber and spong  
Type Soft/Medium/Hard  
Size DN50(2") DN65(2.5") DN80(3") DN100(4[) DN125(5") DN150(6")
OD 60 95 89 124 150 175
Usage used on cleaning concrete pump pipe inner wall concrete


2.Schematic diagram of cleaning ball appearance

2"-8" DN125 Concrete Pump Cleaning Ball Sponge Cleaning Ball 0

3.Precautions for cleaning balls

(1)The performance parameters of the water pump used: the pressure is not lower than 4.3MPa, the flow rate is not lower than 180L/min.

(2)The variable diameter tube is used for connection and collection, and the filler (rubber piston, sponge ball, cement bag roll, etc.) must be tightly put into the variable diameter tube that is one level larger than the delivery tube.

(3)When sponge balls or cement bag rolls are used as fillers, the sponge balls or cement bag rolls must be permeated with cement slurry.

(4)When cleaning the delivery pipe for a long interval, press in excess cement mortar before cleaning.


4.Looking forward to your inquiry

2"-8" DN125 Concrete Pump Cleaning Ball Sponge Cleaning Ball 1